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In creating safe, vegan, wine spiked cosmetics; so everyone, regardless of complexion or health, can look and feel beautiful!

It Started With An Idea

 Wine has such amazing benefits. However, most people like me (Quiana), living with chronic illnesses, can’t drink wine due to possible medicine interactions. But, I wondered what would happen if I spiked my cosmetic formulations with wine?

Then Conversations

Spiking cosmetics with wine was exciting. The results felt wonderful on my irritated skin. Excitedly I told my family and friends. Many are Makeup Artists, makeup lovers, and also live with chronic illnesses. They fell in love with the products too!

Now Handcrafted For You

A good friend told me I just had to share what I was creating. It was terrifying but in November 2019 Spiked Beauty & Cosmetics was born. For the next 1.5 years I created new formulas, tested them, and now they’re ready for YOU to enjoy! 

We can’t get enough of these looks. Want to be on our wall of inspiration? On Instagram tag us using: @spikedbeautyco. Until then, get some inspiration from these beautiful styles!

Hey Beautiful! Get comfy and join me, Quiana every Friday when I share updates, cosmetic recipes, and all things self-pampering!

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These featured products pair nicely with one another. These staples can be used to create endless looks.